Float SPA

“The deepest relaxation that exists on earth”

Having the inner peace and re-finding yourself is the most precious thing in life that we keep forgetting lately!

Diseases of the modern times caused by stress such as insomnia, depression, migraines, weak immune system and skin disease can lead us to a vicious circle in which we can no longer manage around, live or know who we are! In the confusion of everyday life and with the little time we are left for ourselves we are simply not able to bring our body and mind at rest.

Float Spa is a capsule perfectly formulated and designed to bring us in the state of complete relaxation. With the help of floating, light therapy and music body and soul find harmony. Our body is spared from the effect of gravity. Our muscles and joints are relieved of its weight and can be fully relaxed. The energy released through this therapy and enhanced cerebral capacity are boosting the functioning of our internal system and helping the regeneration of our body. The body is in a state of weightlessness, and the mind goes into a THETA state. Fifty minutes of floating is equivalent to five to six hours of sleep. The floating is a mix of meditation, yoga and massage. Complete your stay at Kopaonik with new experience of floating in Kraljevi Čardaci, find again your inner self and grant yourself the benefits of well-being.