Benefits of massages are numerous – it positively affects nervous system, skin, bones, and cardiovascular system. Spa & Wellness centre offers a lot of massages that many could not resist.

Relax massage

Experience the magnificent feeling that the whole-body relax massage offers. It diminishes fatigue, relaxes muscles, nourishes and improves health of the entire organism.

Sports massage

Sports massage is recommended to both recreational and professional athletes, as well as to those people whose body is under a lot of strain. Tissue warming and relaxing, improving circulation, fast removal of lactic acid are just some of the reasons of having this massage.

Partial massage (back or legs)

A partial massage refers to the treatment of a specific body part (back or legs), in order to make that body part more relaxed and enable the whole organism to function harmoniously.


Aromatherapy represents a massage with aromatic oils which please our skin, joints, muscles and circulation. Warm essential oils quickly enter the bloodstream which distributes healing substances all over the organism giving it a special feeling of freshness.


Reflexology is a massage which activates body defence mechanisms for strengthening and protecting body health (immune system). The technique of reflexology massage is consisted of soothing and mild massage of certain spots of the feet whereby it affects weak organs through a nervous system, strengthening an immune system and improving health.

Hot stones

The warmth from volcano stones releases tension in muscles and soft tissues. This massage releases negative energy, improves circulation and lymph streaming and general state of the organism. It is interesting to mention that this massage is also popular with men and it gives excellent results in relaxation after big body strains. The massage lasts for 60 minutes.

Hot stones (partial massage of the back)

The hot stones massage of large groups of muscles on the back releases tension in that area, giving the body a light feeling and improving its mobility.

Welcome treatment (peeling + massage)

In order to make your skin smooth regardless of age, we recommend essential oils massage. This treatment slows down an ageing process, deeply cleans your skin while the oils also give a fresh and clean feeling to your skin.

Anti-stress treatment (it makes you forget about everything)

In stressful situations of the mind, this massage is based on calming, soothing and protective treatment. It boosts the defence mechanisms and makes your skin uniformly bright and soft.

Mud treatment (for clean and healthy skin)

Bioactive mud has a healing effect on the organism, releasing toxins and compensating for the lack of minerals, thus, “revitalising” skin and making it healthier.

Anti-cellulite (for smooth and elastic skin)

Thanks to the active substances from grapes and wines which favourably affect micro-circulation, and high concentration of tannin and resvetrarol, this massage is a great foundation for full anti-cellulite action.

Hot chocolate (chocolate energy for all the senses)

Experience an amazing feeling of the high-quality hot chocolate on your skin. Hot chocolate massage in a treatment of skin care, rejuvenates skin making it healthy and smooth. Your body is energised and hydrated, while all the senses enjoy.

The touch of India (aromatic pillows)

The mixture of oils and herbal extracts in the shape of aromatic puffs has a high antioxidant effect and act revitalising on the muscle tonus. Aromatic puffs reduce fatigue; improve vital process of cell renewal and full body recovery which is a key for body resistance.

The world of massages

  • Sports massage – 45 min
  • Relax massage – 50 min
  • Partial sports massage – 30 min
  • Anti-cellulite massage – 30 min
  • Feet reflexology massage – 30 min
  • Hot stone massage – 50 min
  • Four handed 45 min
  • Holistic massage – 50 min